All the Things that See Me, Open Air Music and Film Night (photo credit: Mila Panic, We have a wonderful file)

All the Things that See Me /
Alles, was mich erblickt

June 17, 2023

Gin cocktails and minty vapes mingle with the sounds of a DJ wandering through the city like a distant parade.

Soundtracks and cityscapes are often heard blending in the background of summer open airs.

Secluded in a quiet courtyard, just off the bustling main drags of Neukölln, Späti Kapitalismus offers the perfect setting for an evening of film and music that wants to echo its surroundings.

Swirling with the night-fall ambience are the artists' recurring fascinations: seeing and being seen.

A city appears. A subject dissolves.

Open-Air Music & Film Night
at Späti Kapitalismus
Kienitzerstr. 26, Berlin

with Mila Panić, Dina Nour, Ivan Marković, María Vélez Gallo and Juniper Foam

Music at 8
Films at sunset
Free entry

8pm / Performance by Dina Nurpeissova
Installation by Mila Panić - We Have a Wonderful Life

9:45 / María Velez Gallo - Estudio de un invierno
Juniper Foam - Behind the Scenes
and Ivan Marković - From Tomorrow on, I will

curated by Juniper Foam and María Vélez Gallo

Presented by Care Of Editions

Carl OG - Schroedinger's SnakeMila Panić with Juniper Foam - Parents
Pablo Torres - FulguritaNpoint_O - Guardian
Gaspar Angel - Domo (photo by Gaia Martuno)Andrés Quezada - Barcodes (photo by Gaia Martuno)
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